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We're all about helping others

At Surplus, we're all about helping others.

You will have most probably heard about the impending cut to Universal Credit, scheduled for early October.

The Trussell Trust predict that the impact of this cut is that 1 in 5 people will skip a meal and 1 in 6 will need to use a food bank.

Additionally, the furlough scheme, which has protected millions of jobs, is due to close at the end of September.

Surplus to Supper has already been contacted by many charities and groups looking for support and surplus food.

We help as many causes as we can.

In this case, we need YOUR help. All we ask is that you come along at the weekends to our #SurplusShop, pick up your weekly shop and leave us a mindful donation.

All the monies from our weekend shop goes towards keeping our vans on the road.

The same vans that run 7 days a week picking up and redistributing #Surplus produce to foodbanks and local projects.

So, when you're planning your shopping for the week, plan to come along to #SurplusShop.

You'll be reducing food waste, helping your local community and support us to continue doing what we do.

Look forward to seeing you.

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