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Reminder: We do accept surplus produce/goods

21 Sept 2021

We often get messages from individuals and businesses asking if we'll accept surplus produce/goods.

Our response is usually..."yes please!!"

If you are an individual, food business, event organiser or organisation anticipating a surplus of food/produce/surplus goods that can be safely donated, please contact us.

We accept donations including:

  • fruit & veg

  • dairy

  • ambient & dry goods including catering-size packages

  • meat & fish

  • frozen products

  • pre-prepared foods such as sandwiches

Surplus to Supper coordinates the local Surplus Food Network, an alliance of projects, working together to intercept surplus food/goods and redistribute it to people in need locally.

Email us with as much information as possible and we will

get back to you at our earliest opportunity with advice and signposting.

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