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Surplus News January 2023

Updated: May 3, 2023

I’d like to start by welcoming you to the first edition of Surplus News. It is intended to be a quarterly publication providing updates on the latest news at Surplus to Supper, I hope you enjoy it.

Our vision of ‘Bridging the gap between food waste and food poverty’ is well documented. But what we have achieved in such a short time is due to the incredible hard work and commitment from our staff and wonderful volunteers.

We now have a successful and professionally run charity with clear aims and regular income streams to support them. We work hard to not only support our seven days a week operations but also to identify need in the local community and support the 90 foodbanks, schools and other charities that we supply.

We are now ready to share our story, expand our reach and roll out our concept. Claire and the Management Team have been tasked with finding new suppliers and projects, as well as potential new Surplus to Supper hubs. I am looking at additions to the team to help with this - more news in the next issue!

We are hoping to make improvements this year at the Sunbury Hub subject to agreements with the Sports Association; resurfacing of the car park and work area, extra storage, new vans and more equipment.

I will also be concentrating on improving and strengthening our relationship with national charities whilst sharing our vision of a more effective supply and distribution chain with councils and government agencies.

Onwards and upwards for a happy and successful 2023.


Surplus to Supper Newsletter January 2023
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